MMA tryout

Do you want to be a fighter?

Legacy MIxed Martial arts offers fighters scholarships twice a year.

What exactly is this about?

Twice a year Legacy Mixed Martial Arts holds fighter tryouts. These tryouts are designed to find people that want to fight but can't afford the training fees. We pick 1 person each time to become fast tracked in the world of MMA, Submission grappling and Muay Thai.

No experience is needed, in fact we prefer none, we build fighters and will start you from the ground floor and guide you all the way to the top and hopefully a pro career. We will allow experienced fighters to tryout as well of course, but it offers no advantage in being picked.

What is the tryout like?

It is a purely physical and dexterity test. You will be evaluated on your overall physical condition, hand eye coordination, mental toughness, willingness/ability to follow directions. Its going to be hard and you should be in shape for it.  This is geared towards athletes and physical prowess but you will not be required to fight at the tryout, it is simply a physical stress test not a fight or match.

What if I am picked? What do I receive?

You will receive one year of cost free MMA lessons, Muay Thai, and conditioning classes, beach runs and workouts. You will also receive training gloves, uniform, t-shirt, protective gear (mouth piece, cup, hand wraps) and gear bag.

If I am picked what is expected of me?

You will be required to train a minimum of four days per week, you will train exclusively at Legacy MMA (and its affiliate schools), you fight under the Legacy banner and follow all guidelines and instructions of the Legacy coaching staff.

Who is this geared toward?

This is aimed at the hardcore who really want the opportunity to train at a high level training facility like Legacy MMA but cannot otherwise afford the costs of membership. It is not for the casual martial artist, as you will be required to compete. Its going to be rough and there is a steep learning curve, but if you are someone who really wants an opportunity to get involved in combat sports this may be something for you.

What is required to try out?

Must be at least 16 (with a guardian) and no older than 30 years of age.

Must be in physically good health, no impairing conditions that would make physically stressful exercise overly dangerous.

Must be open minded and willing to learn and grow.

Must be willing and wanting to enter into full contact MMA.

This event is for new students only.

Where is the tryout held?

Legacy Mixed Martial Arts main training studio

11436 US Hwy 1
North Palm Beach, FL 33408

561 626 8998

When is the next tryout?

To Be Announced

Should I reserve my spot?

Yes, we take 30 applicants, and its first come first serve, sometime there is a rollover from those that did not make it the previous tryout so it fills fast.

What if I cant make the tryout, and I do not show up?

Call us, if you are scheduled to tryout your spot is reserved and that usually means that someone else is not allowed to try because we held a spot for you. If you can't make it we will reserve your spot for the next time, if you do not call us we will not permit you to tryout in the future.

If you have questions call us 561-626-8998 or email

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