A full body workout

Do you want a full body workout in one hour? We can help. At Legacy Mixed Martial Arts, you will hit all the major muscle groups and a few you did not know you had. We will work core, strength and conditioning. Its going to be a challenge but we have all been there and our pro staff will keep you motivated and using proper technique. You will use kettle bells, resistance bands, heavy bags, body resistance and cardiovascular exercises to tone, build and strengthen your body.

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Kickboxing trial

Class hours

Tuesday 6pm-7pm

Thursday 6pm-7pm

The best way to get started is by getting started

Two weeks free trial

At Legacy Mixed Martial Arts we want you to experience what may be the best class you have ever tried. We offer a two week free trial, start anytime and see and feel the difference. There is no contract to sign or up front commitment so lets get you to kickboxing.

Kickboxing/ Fitness

Getting into shape has never been so exciting

If you want to learn while you burn calories this is the class for you, you will develop proper punches from certified Black Belts, and experienced fighters. We will help you keep motivated with a hard sweat and make certain you are doing things correctly. This will help you become more fit and agile, as well as reduce risk of injury due to improper technique. This class is non-contact but you will train with the same drills that pro fighters use to get themselves ready for the cage.

A real Kickboxing class

To learn real kickboxing you have to make some impact

Its not just important to get into shape but also knowing how a technique works will help you make some impact. Hitting a bag or focus pad lets you feel where the power is and better understand the moves. You develop power by doing, and you will be proud of the progress you make both physically while burning hundreds of calories, and technically with your ability to move fast and develop your own marital arts skills.