MMA/ Muay Thai class hours

Monday 8pm-9:30pm

Wednesday 8pm -9:30pm

Friday 7pm-8pm

Additional training; those doing MMA may also attend the Kickboxing classes.

Tuesday 6pm-7pm

Thursday 6pm-7pm

This class is for ages 14 and up.

MMA trial

beginners welcome (age 14 and up)

We all started the same

Legacy MMA is a place where we are open minded and strive to make the classes enjoyable for all levels. The beginners will train with the more experienced fighters and grow from their expertise and help in training. We are a team and we understand that to get better tomorrow we need to help each other today. If your on the fence about MMA perhaps you would like to try ourkickboxingclass and get your body conditioned first, you will likely meet a few of the fighters as they regularly attend the kickboxing classes to prepare themselves for competition. You do not need to stress over the class, we all remember our first day and we will make yours an enjoyable one. We offer two free weeks to try out the classes, so you don't have a thing to lose.

This class will change your life

If you are ready to start something that will condition your body, toughen your mind and change the way you look at yourself, this class is for you. Its a road with some bumps and bruises but you will feel the pride and understand what it means to be part of a competitive fight team, whether you decide to fight or not you will see what it takes to become a fighter. Your own confidence will soar knowing that you can protect yourself. You will grow as you learn and gain confidence in what you can do. This class will change you.

Diversity in training

Too much to pack into just an hour

We train in sessions of one and a half hours, because there is just too much to pack into sixty minutes. We train hard with classes six days a week and open gym for fighters on Sundays. We train on the beach in the summer and combat the elements as we get our students into the best shape of their lives. Are you ready to do something that will impact your life going forward? The first step was coming here the next is filling out the contact form below, we look forward to training with you.

Learn from the best

The Legacy MMA program has earned a reputation as a grueling class which tends to attract some of the best fighters or those wanting to become fighters. The reputation is well deserved, this class was not created with a main stream mindset but aimed towards those that really want to challenge themselves. From the first day you will begin walking the path of the trained fighter as you learn techniques from Brazilian Jujitsu, Sambo (Russian National Combat Sport) and the deadly art of Muay Thai.

This class will change you, in a matter of months you will be amazed at the amount of skill you have developed. You will learn to punch, kick and use knees and elbows as weapons defend yourself and counter attack. Through the exclusive Legacy system you will also learn take-downs, throws, submissions and reversals. The opportunity for you to train under a master instructor with over twenty years of experience begins with your first class.

What is the LEgacy Mixed martial arts difference?

 It's simple, you learn actual MMA from the first day. Most places start you off learning Brazilian Jujitsu with a cumbersome uniform or Kickboxing with large 20oz gloves, or Karate and you practice a Kata. For sport that is fine, but for the purpose of actual MMA competition its not the correct path, in MMA your goal is to learn actual techniques that will help you win matches. If you go about it any other way you are not streamlining your training and are wasting time.  

At Legacy you will train like a fighter from the first day, get used to MMA gloves, and a mouthpiece. Those are two things that you will wear in an actual MMA match. Learn to actually mix the martial arts together, learning Jujitsu at one time then boxing at another, is not MMA. You need to learn how to flow into strikes, setup your take-down with punches, pass guard while someone is trying to hit you. The difference is huge, if you do not learn them together you have an entire aspect of the MMA game that you are missing.

So why try to learn the arts separate? Learn them together with fighters that have the experience and a coach that has produced over a hundred karate, grappling, and kickboxing champions.

Mixed Martial arts/ Muay Thai

What is MMa?

Mixed Martial Arts, commonly referred to as MMA, is the mixture of two or more styles of martial arts. The concept is to take the strongest aspects from each individual art and meld them into one much more powerful marital art. Although the concept has been around since the inception of marital arts, it gained the most popularity in the early 1990's when the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) came to light. There is no end to the different combinations of MMA, but the strongest martial arts to pick from tend to be; Wrestling, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jujitsu, Karate, Boxing and Sambo. There are of course other arts that are effective but the afore-mentioned tend to be the most popular.

At Legacy Mixed Martial Arts we have taken techniques from all of those mentioned, and built a system of fighting designed to make the student the most effective fighter possible, in as short an amount of time possible.

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