Hands bound with zip ties, the students at Legacy MMA learn multiple ways of escaping.

Karate Board Break

kids Karate hours


4pm-4:45pm Beginner white-green belt

5pm-5:45pm Intermediate blue-red/brown belt

6pm-6:45pm Grappling blue-black belt

7pm-7:45pm Advanced brown-black belt


5pm-5:45pm Intermediate blue-red/brown belt

6pm-6:45pm Beginner white-green belt

7pm-7:45pm Advanced brown-black belt


4pm-4:45pm Beginner white-green belt

5pm-5:45 Sparring class orange-black belt

6pm-6:45pm Advanced blue-black belt


9am-9:45am Beginner white-green

10am-10:45am Advanced blue-black

11am-11:45am Black belt club

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The Legacy Difference

reasons you should try Legacy Mixed Martial Arts 

The best advertisement we could ever do would be to have you speak to one of our longtime students or their parents. The reason they are so happy is due to the students getting the best instruction from the best staff. Many of our kids start young and train until they go away to college, and most come back to keep training over holiday breaks and summer. Its a family friendly school where the students learn discipline, focus, respect, and patience, in a nurturing environment where they grow as martial artists and people.

Some things that make Legacy Mixed Martial Arts different:

1. Sincere attention to each student individually, after each group class students get the opportunity to work one on one with an instructor and get a personalized critique.

2. Emphasis on integrity, each class is ended with a discussion about morals and integrity and how they apply to the student in karate and at home and school.

3. The best teaching staff, our certified black belts are background checked and have been with Legacy Mixed Martial Arts since white belt, they started here and understand the intricate details of the system. Additionally, they are also taken through a year of specialized training focusing on how to reach the student and pass on knowledge. 

4. No hard sales tactics, martial arts schools are well known for deceptive marketing and extremely long term commitment contracts, but you won't find that at Legacy Mixed Martial Arts. There is no pressure to commit to anything, all prices are given on the first trial day and we give discounts for families.

5. At Legacy Mixed Martial Arts we know you have a busy schedule and that is why we offer karate classes four days per week.You never have to commit to a particular day or schedule your class in advance just show up and the pros at Legacy will take it from there. The recommended attendance is twice per week, so with our open schedule we make it easy to fit your kids training into your lives.

6, A real goal in mind, we have a structured program that will take your child from white belt to black belt, with our certified instructors guiding them every step of the way, Kids sweat and learn and keep wanting more, this is why so many of our students stay with us until the day they go away to collage. Start a Legacy for your child with Legacy Mixed Martial Arts.

7. Keeping safe is our biggest concern, keep our training safe by using the best gear and equipment and a watchful eye on our students. But our biggest concern is keeping them safe outside of the classroom, we teach them awareness, confidence and the best self defense system anywhere. We will teach your child the techniques needed to ward off attackers and know how to defend themselves.

8. A free trial class, you can't go wrong with a trial class come in and experience the difference for yourself.

Kids karate program ages 3-14

Let our experience guide your child

Legacy Mixed Martial Arts has been in the Palm Beach Gardens/North Palm Beach area for over a decade, and the reason we have remained when so many other schools open and close is our sincere devotion to teaching and educating our students. Each class is broken into short segments of roughly ten minutes each; this helps to keep the focus of young minds and makes it impossible to get bored. Our years of teaching Karate and Mixed Martial Arts have allowed us to streamline classes into a fun and skill building workout that builds the students talents on a daily basis. Parents are almost always surprised at how much their child learns and retains in such a short time.

Kidnapping, Safety, Abduction Prevention

Do you worry about your child becoming a statistic? Just another sad incident that can happen but everyone hopes wont. At Legacy MMA we understand your fears and will help you deal with them realistically, besides the self defense techniques that martial arts instill we give life lessons and discuss real world we go over the what do you do if?

 What if a stranger approaches?

 What if someone wants you to get into their car?

 How do you know if you can trust someone who says they are a friend of the family?

We cover this and more. 

We also have more unorthodox methods you won’t find in other martial arts schools. What would your child do if someone abducted them and bound their hands with zip ties? Would they know how to get out? Our students do.

What if your child was to become locked in a car trunk? Do they know that most trunks have at least one emergency opening latch inside and usually a second? Our students know that too and we go over how to trip these latches.

What happens if someone blindfolds you and handcuffs you with your hands behind your back? Our students are taught how to escape this situation as well.

These are just a few of the many ways Legacy is different, if you want something truly special for your child a gift of knowledge that will grow and develops as they do, you need to try Legacy Mixed Martial Arts.   

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Legacy students work on escaping handcuffs.

Legacy Mixed Martial arts class experience

how our classes break down

Each class is divided into small sessions, this is to keep the students interest level high, as we all know too much repetition becomes tedious and at Legacy we strive to keep each class exciting and fun.

Here is the basic breakdown of an average class:

1. Bow in.

2. Stretch out.

3. Warm up with stationary kicks and punches.

4. Skill/ focus exercise. We use a wide variety of drills and interchange them daily.

5. Curriculum, the class breaks up according to the rank of the students and work on the material for their particular rank.

6. Ethics discussion, the instructor goes over a particular theme for the week, it could be any of the following, Respect, Patience, Appreciation, Integrity, Discipline and other similar topics.

7. Game and drills, these are typically designed to be a fun way to end the afternoon.

8. Bow out.

9. Personal critique and one on one attention with an instructor.

Learning how to break our of zip ties.