stuck in a contract we can help

Price Match/ contract takeover

We're A different kind of martial arts school with your interests in mind

Are you stuck in a contract from another school who talked a good game but has failed to deliver? Legacy Mixed Martial Arts can help.

Many martial arts schools will try to get you to sign very long term commitment contracts, often three years or more. Legacy Mixed Martial Arts will never try or even offer any contract over one year in length. This is because life changes and we want you to love the martial arts not feel bogged down by it. Who knows what life has in store for you in three years? Were all optimistic but your sons or daughters are developing and though their mindset may be very strong towards one thing today time may change that perspective.

beat the competitors prices by 10%

If you have tried another martial arts school and want to compare them to Legacy we welcome the comparison. We encourage you to shop around, we have and know that our prices are the best in town, but if someone offers you a better written price Legacy Mixed Martial Arts will beat it by 10%.*

We honor all palm Beach County competition coupons or gift certificates

Do you have a great coupon or did someone give you a gift certificate from another martial arts school in Palm Beach County? Just bring it in we will honor it.

Competitor contract takeover

We cannot even count the amount of time people have come into Legacy after signing at another school. Usually they are stuck in a long term contract and cannot get out even though they or their child no longer wants to attend. Its usually a result of feeling pressured to sign and then stuck into something they do not wish to do.
Often the students try our school and realize after comparison that they really could be receiving so much more for the price and this is the reason Legacy Mixed Martial Arts offers a takeover for verified comparable competitor contracts of up to one year and six months.

If you are in a current contract with another martial arts school in Palm Beach County, and wish to come train at Legacy we will help you with the process. Simply bring us your contract, and after a verification process we will honor up to one year and six months of dues towards a competitor school.*

* Price match and contract takeover are based on current contract or verified price from a verified, comparable, dedicated, competitor in Palm Beach County. This offer is only valid when signing six month or greater contract with Legacy Mixed Martial arts and is subject to the discretion of Legacy Mixed Martial Arts management.