Alessia P, had been training at Legacy for about 5 months, when she made her Debut Muay Thai Match.

Jacob C, started out with kids karate and moved on to MMA program, this is his debut match.

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Jose, the winner of our MMA fighters scholarship, wins his first Muay Thai Match.

Sebastian, goes to a decision

This was a close match, but in the end the judges decided to go with the other fighter, we respect that even if we do not agree with the decision.

Jacob hess; scores a 5 second Knockout.

This was Jake's first Muay Thai match for Legacy Mixed Martial Arts, and although the video is not the best quality the match was over as soon as it started.

Nick R, first Muay Thai win. 

This was Nick's first match and he won it decidedly, with some unstoppable clinch work.